Join Us

For any request, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., explaining how you want to join the project and what help you want to provide. We will try to answer you as soon as possible. 

Become a Volunteer

We need volunteers on all phases of the project.

Here are some ideas on which we could use some help:


  • Design of the Internet platform (data visualization, file exchange, forum, data addition form,...)
  • Design of the measurement kit (development of functionalities and human-machine interface, design
  • Financing research
  • Graphical help for drawings, logos, banner games for the project. 

During the Project

  • Community Manager on social networks. 
  • Improvement of the website
  • Represent the project in France. 

After the project

  • Organization of post-project communication.
  • Moderator and maintenance of the Internet platform. 
  • Remote support for the maintenance of measurement kits.

Become a Partner

Becoming a partner means committing together to invest in the world of tomorrow. 

What we can bring you

  • Sharing of environmental measurements collected on site and possible additional measurements on request. 
  • Priority on the publication of the ethnological study. 
  • Visibility with the organizations, institutions we will meet during and after the project. 
  • Organization of feedback in your organization. 

How can you help us? 

  • Financial support
  • Logistic support (e.g. for insurance, shipping, transport, etc.)
  • Material support (e. g. supply of workshop equipment, photo equipment, sound,...)
  • Volunteer assistance (e. g. see above "Becoming a Volunteer"). 
  • Networking (e.g. by putting us in contact with local people, schools, associations,...)
  • Support in visibility by helping us to communicate about the project.

Organize  Effet Libellule Days in your class

If you are supervising groups of children and would like to involve them in this project, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss a schedule and provide you with the technical means to organize this with you. 

Once confirmed, we will give you access to the Internet platform, the necessary equipment for the measurement kit, as well as technical and documentary support.