Omexom, partner of l'Effet Libellule


With today's global energy sector undergoing constant change, Omexom works with its clients in delivering on the promises of the energy transition.

Omexom’s expertise in the field of power grids allows us to anticipate the impact of renewable energies. We then work to develop storage solutions, make smarter infrastructures and meet new consumption trends.

Omexom' solution targets those who produce, transform and transport electricity, including local authorities.

As a system integrator, Omexom always and only selects the options best suited for each need, remaining totally independent when it comes to integrating technological options.

Omexom is a VINCI Energies brand

Omexom and l'Effet Libellule

Omexom and the Libellule Effect are two complementary approaches towards the same long-term objective: the ecological transition. 

Indeed, it needs 3 catalysts:

  • - technical solutions (projects, technologies,... )
  • - political ambitions and strategies
  • - informed consumers/citizens (energy saving, choice of green products, ecological demand,...)

The first and most mature point is Omexom.

The second, a little more behind, is constrained by electoral calendars and opinion polls.

The third point has the inertia of generations and few are willing to rethink their lifestyles to support this transition.

The Libellule Effect project works directly on this last lever to assess the degree of environmental awareness of populations around the world and to involve new generations in ecological transition issues. The idea is that these children can build an identity, of which ecology is one of the pillars.