Reunion Island was the cocoon of L’Effet Libellule, where its construction was thought out but also where we carried out the first pedagogical days in primary school.

To help us better understand what we were observing on this island in the Indian Ocean, we had the chance to meet Mrs Laurence Pourchez, anthropologist, specialist in the Mascarene archipelago and Creole societies. Among his research topics, ethnobotany or how to make the link between traditional medicinal practices and biodiversity.

While travelling to Reunion Island for training, Mrs Pourchez agreed to make our questions mature. It is in the amphitheatre of the University of Le Tampon that we meet.

During this interview, we were able to question the knowledge and therapeutic use of plants in Reunion Island, in relation to the maintenance of endemic biodiversity. But also the paradoxes between beliefs and habits and the challenges of globalization on the knowledge of plants and on mass behaviour.

A very rich exchange (in french), summarized in 8 minutes! Have a good listening!