Our motivations
If the flapping of a butterfly's wing in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas, could we imagine that the flight of dragonflies can prevent it? L'Effet Libellule -

Imagined in June 2018 by Camille Bertrand and Gordon Gaudray, the Effet Libellule project is the very first project supported by the Ycocedron association. 

It is born from a combination of a curiosity to understand the world around us, combined with a desire to cultivate and transmit scientific knowledge. 

In the face of the climatic, biological and human emergency, it is naturally that we felt the need to orient this project towards the protection of the environment and thus participate in the collective commitment. 

It is therefore on our scale, with our skills, that we have committed ourselves to this project, first on a part-time basis until February 2019, then on a full-time basis until 2020. This is a kind of civic service in which we want to put our energy and time into creating a positive and sustainable impact for the protection of the environment. 

We finally want to bring together enough people around this project to share the results, inspire future actions, and involve more citizens in environmental action.