why the libellule

In French, "Libellule" means dragonfly.

The dragonfly is an insect that has been present on Earth since the Triassic period and has survived the last 3 mass extinctions. It is the embodiment of hope for the survival of our species in the face of the threat of our own destruction. 

The dragonfly is international, because it is present on all 5 continents. But it is now threatened with extinction, particularly in Europe, where it is subject to pesticides, and to the destruction of swamps and water points where larvae live. It is therefore one more species to be protected.

During its development, the dragonfly passes through more than 10 consecutive moults for 5 years in the form of larvae, and finally live for a few weeks as an adult. It therefore represents the need for metamorphosis and adaptation.

Finally, in the collective imagination, the dragonfly is the symbol of an agility and lightness that will be essential for us to tackle the challenges facing us.