Camille Bertrand

Her Experience

  • Clinical Psychologist, 3 years of experience in Education Nationale
  • Bachelor of Ethnology student
  • 5 years of experience in animation (BAFA, BAFD)

Her Role in the project

Camille organizes meetings with children during the Effet Libellule Days.

She is also the referent on pedagogical and ethnological issues. 

As Treasurer of the Ycocedron Association, she will manage the project budget and administrative relations. 

Finally, she will be responsible for communication via social networks during the project. 

Her Commitment

Her respect for nature and his commitment to associations has grown among the Scouts and Guides of France. By choosing the university path of the humanities, she has sharpened her global and benevolent outlook on the other: in its psychological, cultural or relational dimension. As a psychologist at the Education Nationale Department, she has developed a taste for the world of education. For her, the school is a place at the junction between knowledge and living together. 

To get involved in this project is to challenge her vision of the world through encounters with professionals, teachers and children from here and abroad. It is also about teaming up in an adventure where intercultural exchange is seen as a solution for the future of our planet.