The Lib Corner

L'Effet Libellule aims to understand and make people understand. The project is therefore organizing itself to produce results, reports of its work so that they can be useful to the wider world and serve as inspiration for other initiatives. These contents will be available on the Lib' Corner menu 

Audio Reporting

The idea of audio reporting is to capture the contextual atmosphere of the places visited, and to explore the links that people have with their environment. But also to give a voice to people to meet, to tell their stories. 

The audio format seems more appropriate than video to us to avoid falling into the dictates of the image, which is often too stereotypical, and biases our power of analysis and representation (the famous halo effect). A "beautiful" photo is too much influenced by a company's codes, so a beautiful environment is not necessarily a healthy environment.

Audio forces us to focus on one sense, hearing, which is often relegated to second place, and allows us to explore other fields of environmental protection, such as noise pollution, the presence of noise biodiversity,...


Publication of the results of the drawing and correspondence workshops. 

Of the 4 workshops, two will be creative workshops, the authors of which will be children: the drawing workshop and correspondence workshop

Once collected, the drawings will form a collection of works that can be exhibited and will highlight the diversity of cultures in their relationship to Nature and environmental protection. They will also be a formidable analytical tool to understand a child's unique feelings about their surroundings. 

The letters of correspondence, gathered in a collection, will constitute formidable messages of hope and openness, addressed by the new generations to the rest of the World.