What we do

The Libellule Days are the backbone of the project.

Two days of educational workshops in the classroom are an opportunity to meet children from all over the world and to understand how the society in which they are immersed educates them on the issue of environmental protection.

With the help of the teacher, we therefore bring an exchange on issues of sustainable development, biodiversity, climate change, pollution and many other things. Our approach is not to make a Western judgment, or to blame this or that habit, but to get children to take an interest in what surrounds them, help them define their environment, understand its complexity and question the impact we have on it.

We share our pedagogical content with the teacher, so that the discussion continues in class after we leave.

Before these days, we learn from residents, specialists and experts about the specificities of the region, in particular the environmental challenges, the policies put in place, the endemic species,... in order to be able to prepare the workshops with concrete examples, which speak to the students. This is an opportunity for us to make some audio reports, which we publish on the site.