L’effet Libellule is one year old !

In June 2018, we created the Ycocedron NGO, which supports and supervises scientific projects.

A month later, Ycocedron's first project was launched - it's L'effect Libellule - and in early 2019, the NGO was recognized as being of "general interest".

Donations are therefore deductible from your taxes in France.


What's up with l’Effet Libellule?

You have surely understood this with our recent publications (website, facebook), l’Effet Libellule reached Asia with a Philippine June!

We intervened in a school on the island of Luzon and another on the island of Bohol.

Very different experiences, to discover in the articles of the site!

Environmental education is part of the school curriculum in the Philippines. Children take care of the school's vegetable garden and students have to plant 10 trees, otherwise their diploma will not be awarded.

In this country, which is already experiencing the effects of climate change, eco-tourism is developing. We were lucky to enjoy beautiful seabeds, natural pools in the caves, and at nightfall, of the mangrove swamp and its fireflies!

An experience marked by the kindness and hospitality of the Filipinos met during the month of June. Moreover, the borderline between private and professional life is not as marked as in France.

Whether it's our guests, the headmistress or our neighbors, all invited us to celebrate with them birthdays, weddings or the return of a relative; festivities where karaoke is an indispensable element!


In July, L’effet Libellule continues on its way: Heading for New Caledonia!


Camille Bertrand & Gordon Gaudray


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Class photo! The sixth  grade in Duero
Class photo!
The sixth grade in Duero
La classe de CM1 de l'Institut Léon Mba
Even during the break,
curiosity stay high in Pagbilao!
Une famille d'élèphants
Chocolate Hills,
between rice fields and mountains
Balade entre forêt et savane
To port the mangrove,
to starboard, the caves!