After a month in Ethiopia, we headed to West Africa to pack our bags in Libreville, Gabon!

Appeited by the descriptions of Le Petit Futé, we were eager to discover his "stunning nature of greenery, scents and sensory experiences" and his forest which "carries within it the essence of the culture of this region"!

This stay in Equatorial Africa allowed us to discover a natural universe and a culture where reality and imagination meet. Indeed, when we were going to the bush, the Gabonese - but also some French expatriates - warned us of a possible encounter with the spirits of the forest and the sirens of the river.

After these four weeks in Gabon, many questions remain. Indeed, by questioning our entourage, we have understood that initiated men and women must keep various secrets.

Without having all the explanations, we were marked by a particular relationship with the natural environment. Here, both young people and adults highlight the dangers that may be encountered when leaving the city.

Whether we consider these real or imagined threats, nature represents a rather hostile universe for Gabonese people.

These discoveries were enriched by the meeting with the two classes participating in the Libellule effect project. As agreed, we intervened in a class in the capital, at the Leon Mba Institute and in a class in a rural area, at the Catholic Mission in Donguila. Very different pedagogical and human experiences, but always marked by a superb welcome from the staff and students.

You can discover in more detail and images these two Gabonese Dragonfly Classes on our website.

The Libreville Lions Club provided logistical support for the project and allowed us to meet with the Minister of Water and Forestry in charge of the Environment.

Currently in France for a few weeks, the family and friendly reunions are as many opportunities to take a step back and start analyzing these first African experiences.

Next destination: the Philippines! Several schools in Cebu and Luzon are ready to welcome us. Their back-to-school year will be marked by the theme of nature protection since we will be involved during their first weeks of school. School resumes in June in this country.

A great news for our association Ycocedron which is officially recognized as being of general interest. Donations therefore entitle you to a 66% tax reduction. As a reminder, we set up the Ycocedron association last year to support scientific projects (human sciences as well as environmental sciences), the first project of this association being the Libellule effect project.

Camille Bertrand & Gordon Gaudray

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Les élèves de la Mission Catholique de Donguila
Pupils of the Catholic Mission 
of Donguila
La classe de CM1 de l'Institut Léon Mba
The class of grade 5th of the Institut
Léon Mba Libreville
Une famille d'élèphants
An elephant family 
La Lopé National Park
Balade entre forêt et savane
Walk in the forest and savanna
La Lopé National Park