A little over a year ago, L'Effet Libellule and the NGO Ycocedron were born. Since then, the road has been traveled, in kilometers and in meetings, experiences and discoveries. By the way, did you see the video made to celebrate the first candle of the project?

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Through the meetings, we begin to accumulate many points of view on our planet and its future. A lot of analytical work and writing is waiting for us. But for now, we continue to fully live these meetings, including through the Libelule Days in schools.

We spent part of the summer in the Pacific. It was on the island of New Caledonia that we had the chance to set up the Libellule Days. Two very different experiences; one in Noumea with children growing up in international perspectives (James Cook International School) and the other on the East Coast with children from Kanak tribes where traditions are preserved (Hienghene Public School). These classes, like all those where we intervene, are the subject of an article on our website

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The step in New Caledonia was also an opportunity new audio-video experiences! The first with a passage on the New Caledonian waves, in the "Terre Passion" radio show "La Première". Accompanied by two students from Nouméa, we were able to present our project.

The second audio-visual experience with the preparation of video tutorials to enable teachers and future volunteers to reproduce Libellule days in their own class. To do this, a professional made himself available for 2 days to film us in class. The editing is in progress.

Now in Sri Lanka, L'Effet Libellule is putting its educational bags on the South-East coast in the village of Panama, intervention made possible by the logistical support of the local association Horizon Lanka. The help of Sohan, our English-Sinhalese interpreter will be essential for these days Libellule Sri Lankan.

Camille Bertrand & Gordon Gaudray


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Class photo! The sixth  grade in Duero
No problem of participation with
the students of Hienghène!
La classe de CM1 de l'Institut Léon Mba
Behind the scenes of the show
Terre Passion
Une famille d'élèphants
Hienghène Village
Balade entre forêt et savane
Our Caledonian step coincided
with the migration of humpback whales.