Infography AwraAmba
To protect the Environment, we first need to work all togetherChildren group idea
I want to learn your country historyEsubalew, 10
-Well, we will make a break, and continue in 10 minutes
-No, we prefer to continue now.Answer from the class


To reach Awra Amba, take a minibus from Bahir Dar, ask the driver to stop 10km after passing Worota. You only have 2km to walk to reach the village. It is on this dirt road that Asnakashew joins us. He will be our contact with the village school and our interpreter during our stay. Asnakashew was born here in Awra Amba (link to website), a community created in 1972 and now with more than 500 members.

From an early age, community members learn the teachings of Zumra, its founder: equality between women and men, respect for the place of the child, solidarity with the weak and secularism.

Initially, the « Effet Libellule » was supposed to intervene in the village's public school, but as we discovered in Addis Ababa (link to article), access to public schools is not easy. So after several unsuccessful administrative appointments, Asnakashew suggested that we set up a class with children from the community, i.e. about thirty children aged 8 to 14. The students only have classes in the morning, we gather them in the Kindergarden of the village in the afternoon to realize the different workshops (link) translated by Asnakashew.

We are struck by the calm and attention of the students, including the youngest ones. Children are very much influenced by the community framework whose rules have established harmonious and effective relationships. They have no difficulty working in groups, proposing ideas, but also sharing materials and complying with instructions.

We are surprised and optimistic when we discover the children's proposals to improve their environment. Indeed, in a community that has established social ties that respect everyone, there is no mention in any text of respect for nature. However, the younger generation does not lack ideas and ambition for the future.