Noumea's school



Hienghene's school



Good morning,

My name is Jules, I'm 10 years old.

I live in Noumea, it's in New Caledonia. It's in the Pacific. It's never snowed in New Caledonia. In New Caledonia, there are hoods, it's a kind of white bird, to communicate, they bark like dogs. It's an endemic species. Endemic means that this species is only found here.

Where do you live? Does it snow at your place? How old are you? What's your name? Do you like to play video games?

My wish is that you have a good job.

My wish is that you answer me.

Jules, 10 -


My name is Hugo, I'm 11 years old.

Where I live, there's the Snoocky (it's a restaurant that makes a lot of waffles with ice on the waffle and a lot of other things), there are 3 islands, they're called Maré, Lifou and Ouvéa. They're called the Loyalty Islands. There's another island called L'île des Pins, and a lot of other monuments. I can't name them all, but there are many.

I live in Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia. We also have a coral reef all around New Caledonia.

Where you come from, you can go to the beach and do you have a big brother and a little or big sister?

When you grow up I wish you to be very well in your life, that you will have a house that suits you and be able to do the job you like. Bye!

Hugo, 11 -



My name is Bradley, I'm 10 years old. Where I live, there are eels.

Where you live, can you play football?

Do you have a phone?

When you grow up, I hope you have a nice car to drive to the shops.

Bradley, 10 -


My name is Dayana, I'm 9 years old.

Where I live, there's La Poule, but don't be surprised, she's just a rock that looks like a hen, she's beautiful.

Where you live, can you go to school without taking the bus? Do you have any pets? When you grow up, I wish you to be a guitarist, to have fans, to be able to travel the world.

Big kiss.

Dayana , 9 -