Panama's school



Sigiriya's school



Hi, my name's Pethmi, I'm 9 years old.

Where I live, there's the sea...

Where you live, can we play jump rope? Do you have a cell phone?

When you grow up, I hope you can become a doctor or get the work you want to do and become a good person.

Pethmi , 9 -

Hi, my name is Akash, I'm 9 years old.

Where I live, there are trees. Are there trees where you live? Do you have enough room to play volleyball? Do you have birds?

When you grow up, I hope you become a doctor.

Akash, 9 -


Ayubowan (= May you have a long life!)

In our region, the sky is blue, there are many trees and plants around. The birds are screaming and the very cold wind is coming.

There are many mountains, it is very beautiful and cloudy. There are waterfalls, rivers and jungle. Our environment is beautiful.

Where I live, you can see the peacock, the screaming chicken and the baby chicken in the morning.

Where do you live in Nepal? Can you send me pictures of Nepal?

We are 4 girls: Malsha, Dewmi, Subodani and Anuradha, we are 10 years old.

I hope your work will be a success.

Malsha, Dewmi, Subodani et Anuradha, 10 -

Ayubowan (= May you have a long life!)

We are writing this letter to a Nepalese student.

Sri Lanka has a lot of waterfalls, mountain jungle, rivers, etc... We live in the Sigiryia World Heritage Site.

The jungle areas of Sri Lanka have elephants, tigers, peacocks, birds, etc...

How is the weather in your country?

How are your people? How is your school? What do your vehicles look like? How is your environment? Do you have flowers in your country? We have lots of flowers.

Our names are Akarsha, Sandali, Chamal, Shalom. We are 10 years old. We are very good friends. We wish you a very successful life for all of you. Thank you very much.

Akarsha, Sandali, Chamal, Shalom, 10 -