Awra Amba's school




In my village there are sheep, goats, ants and donkeys.

Do you know how to weave the cloth?

I wish you a happy life.

Eshetu, 10 -

I live in Awra Amba. In Awra Amba, there are different types of trees such as the wanza, the dogma (water bay), the enkoy (mountain tree...) and the fauna (hyena, dogs, etc.). What about your environment, is there grass around your house?

Are there traditional clothing in your area? Are there high mountains around you? We love you. I wish you one day to come to Awra Amba and meet each other.

[The village motto:]

"We raise children, take no one's property, if we find something lost somewhere, we will return it to the owner, we will work cooperatively and sympathetically with each other, and finally our peaceful life will be developed."

Birhane , 12 -

Around my village there are different types of plants and animals. Are there weaving activities in your area?

Probably, you will come to visit our village and we will meet here.

I wish you success in your hopes and future. And I hope you will do good things for your country.

Eskedar , 10 -