Launching Article

The headwind in the early morning, firmly attached to the twig that supports it, here it is slowly unfolding one by one its 4 wings, as in a last liberating stretch. After several months of gestation in its protective nymph, it presents itself to the world, without pretension, in the simplest device. The sun is reflected on his abdomen, gradually awakening all his senses, and his globular eyes with multiple facets are already scanning the horizon. The dragonfly is finally ready, confident of the gifts that Nature has given it, and launches into the void for its first flight.

We are here, witnessing this, accompanying with a gaze this millennial insect, survivor of the last 3 mass extinctions, to wonder, to see it so fragile, if it will survive this one. Does it think the same when he sees us, this badly-proportioned being, keeping our balance at the cost of great effort, to compensate for this heavy head that makes us swing? Does it wonder if the evolution of our brain, of which we are so proud, will not be the reason for our own loss? And if it were it, this dragonfly that would finally show us the way to go?

The balance of ecosystems, our climate, biodiversity and human interactions is complex and fragile. According to scientists, they belong to chaotic systems, very sensitive to the slightest variation in their parameters. Thus, a species that disappears, an increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, an ill-intentioned financial tweet, a wing flapping and the whole planet is affected. But we know that the opposite is also possible, that solidarity, individual or collective initiatives can have repercussions that go beyond their original projects. Every action counts, no matter how small or local it may be. Because one of them could one day inspire a flood of similar actions as simply as the flight of this 4-winged insect: that's what the Effet Libellule (DragonFly Effect) .

So here we are, on our own scale, Camille and I are throwing ourselves fully into this adventure, without knowing exactly where we are going to land, what we are going to discover or even be able to bring, but with the firm conviction that we must try, that there are many things to learn and understand about Man, Nature and the Environment. Our voluntarism is not intended to be original or unique. But we want it to be proportionate, fair and methodical. We want to be part of this global movement of initiatives on both sides of the world that strives to make our daily lives and our future more breathable.

We invite you to come and discover how this "take-off" takes shape on our website or by following our pages on social networks.